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Adding JavaScript

You can add JavaScript functionality to your online store. With the JavaScript tracking module you can communicate with external platforms.

The JavaScript you add here will run on all pages of your website. If you need JavaScript for a specific area you can add the script using the Template Editor. Lightspeed does not provide script support. You can write scripts yourself or hire an expert to write them.

NOTE: Adding JavaScript is only recommended for experienced users. Adding JavaScript tracking code can cause the ordering tool of your online store to stop working. Other scripts can result in the layout of your online store being rendered incorrectly, or prevent other functionality.

To add JavaScript

  1. On the left menu of the Back Office go to Settings > Website Settings > Web Extras.
  2. Click Custom JavaScript.



  • Make sure you don't use unsecured external code. Use only SSL connections.
  • To avoid incorrectly entered variables after saving your code, check that all scripts and brackets are positioned correctly.
  • To avoid JavaScript conflicts, make sure you use unique variables. Consult your public source code to prevent possible issues.

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