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Selecting a payment method that suits you

There are a few different types of payment methods you can offer in your eCom store. North America has 6 payment methods, Australia has 4 and Europe has over 35 payment options. Depending on your location and size, you may choose to connect directly to banks or you may select a payment provider.

For more information the payment providers available in your area, click here.

Connecting directly to banks

In Europe, merchants have the option to use a payment option called iDEAL that allows customers to pay directly from their bank. In North America and Australia, this option is not available. 

Using iDEAL is considered a good option for smaller eCom stores with few monthly sales or less than 300 products. 70% of your customers will prefer to use iDEAL to make a purchase.

Selecting a payment provider

For eCom stores located in North America and Australia, you must select a payment provider that is available in your area.

In addition to iDEAL, larger European eCom stores should also select a payment provider. You're consider a larger eCom store if you have more than 300 products and expect many sales per month. Payment providers offer lower rates because of agreements made by Lightspeed. They also cater to international customers and those who prefer to pay via PayPal or credit cards.

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