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Language abbreviations in column titles

eCom recognizes only English system column titles. To ensure Lightspeed eCom can map each column to a field automatically, do not translate the system column name. For example, a Dutch user's product worksheet should contain XX_Title_Short in English, even though they have a Dutch interface.

To import translations for multiple languages, make sure to add to them to the eCom Back Office first. You can add languages by going to your eCom Back Office > Settings > Store Country

Example 1

Inside each section of this article, found by clicking the buttons at the top of the page, you will find column titles that contain XX, like this: XX_Title_Short. These column titles have placeholder for their language abbreviation represented here as XX. When creating your data file, use this Language table to add the correct abbreviation for your translated columns.

These product columns support multiple translations using language codes.

  • Title
  • Full title
  • Description
  • Content
  • URL
  • Variant title
  • Category titles
  • Meta title
  • Meta description
  • Meta keywords

Example 2

An export with a title in English (UK) will have EN_ written before Title_Short to indicate it's language, like: EN_Title_Short. Likewise, a Dutch title would be: NL_Title_Short.

Language table

  Language How the language is displayed in eCom How the language is abbreviated in exports
01 Placeholder X language XX


Dutch Nederlands NL
03 German Deutsch DE
04 English (UK) English EN
05 French (FR) Français FR
06 Spanish Español ES
07 Italian Italiano IT
08 Danish Dansk DA
09 English (US) English (US) US
10 French (CA) Français (CA) FC
11 Norwegian Norsk NO
12 Polish Polski PL
13 Portuguese Português PT
14 Russian Pусский RU
15 Swedish Svenska SV
16 Turkish Türkçe TR
17 Greek ελληνικά EL
18 Bulgarian Български BG

Setup languages before importing

Configure languages before importing by logging into your eCom Back Office and click Settings > Store Country.

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