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Domain setup troubleshooting

Use this article to troubleshoot issues you may be having with setting up your domain. 

Difficulty creating a CNAME or A record in your domain provider

If you cannot save a CNAME or A record, try following these steps:

  1. Search online for your domain provider's help center. Many domain providers explain how to do this for their software, for example:
    1. North America's GoDaddy explains how to create a CNAME or A record, here.
    2. The Netherland's Open Provider explains DNS information, here.
    3. Germany's 1&1 explains how to create a CNAME or A record, here.
  2. Read the provided error message carefully, it may help explain what prevented the CNAME record from being saved.
  3. Check if a CNAME or A record already exists in your domain records. When registrars detect a possible conflict (same subdomain on different record types) you'll need to delete/reconfigure the existing record.
  4. Check the format of the CNAME's subdomain and destination web address. Some domain providers require a period (.) beside the subdomain. For example, they may require you to write www. (with the period) or they may require you to write www (without the period).  There may be other formatting requirements.
  5. Contact your domain provider and request assistance with creating a CNAME or A record. Explain you are attempting to create a CNAME or A record with these instructions.

Issues connecting your eCom shop

If you've waited 24 hours and your domain still has not been connected:

  1. Review the instructions on this page to check if all your settings are correctly configured.
  2. Check if you have A records in your domain provider's DNS settings:
    • A records are another type of DNS record used to connect a custom domain to a website.
    • IMPORTANT: Deleting A records should be done with extreme care, as doing so incorrectly could result in bringing an important website down. Depending on your domain setup, you may require these A records. Do not delete them until you are sure they are not required. Before deleting any A records, it is recommended the IP address is recorded just in case you need to create the same A record again. It is also recommended you contact the party that first installed your domain and your domain provider to find out why these A records were created.
    • If you have A records in your DNS settings, they may be pointing your domain to another website and interfering with your CNAME record. This can prevent you from successfully connecting your domain to Lightspeed eCom. If you have verified these A records are not important or are connected to a site you want to bring down, it is recommended you delete them.

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