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Session 6 - payments

In this session, make final preparations for payments, taxes and test your checkout. This session is also when you should create redirects if Lightspeed eCom is replacing another website or eCom store.

  1. Add your payment credentials

    To accept payment from your customers, enable payment providers. Lightspeed eCom supports a number of payment providers, and you can find a full listing of them in our About payment service providers eCom article.


    • Have obtained a credentials from a payment provider. Choosing a payment provider was covered in Session 1.

    Entering payment providers credentials

    1. Login to your eCom Back Office and click Settings.
    2. Click Payment providers in the column labeled Payment Settings.
    3. Locate and click on your selected payment provider.
    4. Enter the credentials in this screen.

    For more information about payment providers, click here.

  2. Verify tax settings

    Ensure you will charge the correct sales taxes.

    Checking your tax settings

    1. Login to your eCom Back Office and click Settings
    2. Click Taxes in the column labeled Payment Settings.
    3. Ensure the correct tax rates appear on this area of eCom.

    For more information:

    • About setting up taxes for Europe, UK and Australia click here.
    • About setting up taxes for North America, click here.

  3. Test your checkout

    Test your checkout to make sure it works, then ask other people and non-employees to try it on other devices and locations.

     Testing your checkout

    1. Access your eCom store from the Home screen in your eCom Back Office, click View Store.
    2. Find a product as if you were a customer and add it to your cart, open your cart and click Checkout.
    3. Proceed through checkout and test to make sure each stage is correct.
    4. Read Testing your checkout to learn how.

  4. Create URL redirects

    Preserve your previous eCom store's search engine ranking by creating redirects. Redirects are recommended only when Lightspeed eCom will replace your previous eCom store using the same web address/domain. Only create redirects if you're continuing to use previous eCom store web address/domain. Redirects refer traffic going to a page on your previous website to the equivalent page in Lightspeed eCom. Skip this step if you did not have a previous eCom store.

    Creating a redirect

    1. Login to your eCom Back Office and click Settings.
    2. Click Redirects in the column labeled Website Settings.
    3. Click Add redirect.
    4. Enter the page location of your previous eCom store's page in the field labeled URL. For example, /About-us.
    5. Enter the full web address of your new eCom Store at that page on your future domain. For example, https://yourdomain.com/service/about/.
    6. Enable the switch labeled Set redirect as permanent.

    For more information, click here.

You've completed Session 6, begin Session 7 here.

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