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Adding a minimum required order value

A minimum order value is one way to ensure the order size is large enough to be profitable. For example:

  • Your customers expect free shipping on every order. On average, you calculate your business loses money when shipping orders smaller than $30. Instead of removing free shipping, you can set a minimum order value of $30.
  • Businesses that sell wholesale typically have a minimum quantity of products per order. Instead of having a different minimum quantity for each product, you may be able to calculate one minimum price for all products on average.

By default, Lightspeed eCom sets the minimum order amount to $0 to make sure there is no barrier to purchases from your customers. Before setting a minimum order value, do research to ensure your conversion isn't negatively affected.

These steps set a minimum order value for all orders:

  1. Select Checkout > Settings.
  2. In the CART SETTINGS section, enable the switch labeled Minimum order amount.
  3. Enter the minimum order value.
  4. Select Save.

These steps set a minimum order value for a specific payment provider:

  1. Select Settings from the sidebar located on the Home screen of your eCom back office.
  2. Select Payment providers.
  3. Select a payment provider you have enabled
  4. Scroll down to ADDITIONAL SETTINGS and enable the Minimum order switch.
  5. Enter the minimum order value.
  6. Select Save.

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