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Setting up B2B features

You can enable four features to customize the B2B experience in Lightspeed eCom:

  1. Cart & checkout permissions - Registered customers only: Require customers to register and log in before making a purchase.
  2. User accounts - Approval required: All customer accounts must be approved before customers can log in. (See note)
  3. Prices - Excluding VAT/taxes  - All products are displayed excluding Value Added Taxes (VAT) in the EU or sales taxes in North America.
  4. Customer groups and discount rules - Features that can improve the B2B experience. NOTE: Customer groups and discount rules are not B2B features, they only complement the B2B features.

Follow these directions to enable B2B features:

Cart & checkout permissions are managed under the Checkout settings in eCom.

  1. On the eCom main menu, click Checkout.

  2. Select Configuration, and scroll to CART & CHECKOUT PERMISSIONS
    • Next to Enable the cart and checkout, select Registered customers only

User accounts - Approval required is managed from the Advanced settings in eCom.

  1. To manage user accounts in your eCom Back Office, click Settings. 
  2. Under General settings, click Advanced:
    • In the REGISTRATION section, set Registration to After approval. (See note)

Prices - Excluding Taxes is managed in the Tax settings in eCom.

  1. From your eCom Back Office, click Settings.
  2. Under Payment settings, click Taxes
    • In the TAX SETTINGS section, ensure the switch for All prices exclude VAT (EU) or All prices exclude taxes (North America) is enabled.

If you want to offer discounts to a particular customer or group of customers, you can create customer groups and discount rules.

  • For more information on creating Customer Groups, click here.
  • For more information about Discount Rules, click here.


If your registration is set to After approval, you will need to approve customers before they can purchase from your site. To do this:

  1. Log in to your eCom back office and click Customers.
  2. Toggle on the switch in the Approved column.
    Shows the approved setting, enabled.

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