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Specifying the active time period for discount codes

You can specify the time period during which the code can be used. The discount period is set to two weeks by default. The discount code will no longer work once the time period expires.

The time period expires at the beginning of the selected date at 12:00AM (00:00). For example, to ensure a discount code is active from Monday to Friday, inclusively, choose Saturday as the end date. Discount codes and rules expire at different times of the same day. Read more about Setting the correct date for discount expiry.

  1. In your eCom admin, go to Marketing.
    Shows an arrow hovering over 'Marketing' in the main menu of the eCom admin.
  2. Select Edit on the relevant the discount code, or create a new one.
    Shows an arrow hovering over the edit button.
  3. Select the date and use the date picker to set a start and end date.
    Shows an arrow hovering over a future date in a date picker.
  4. Select Save.
    Shows an arrow hovering over the save button.

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