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Adding a discount code to incentivize checkout

Adding discount codes to the cart screen can increase your checkout conversion. This can be done by adding an introduction and the discount code to the cart page. It appears at the top of the page. By default the cart does not have any custom text at the top.

  1. In your eCom admin, go to Marketing.
    Shows an arrow hovering over 'Marketing' in the main menu of the eCom admin.
  2. Copy the discount code you want to add to your cart screen. If none are created yet, create a new one.
    Shows an arrow hovering over a discount code, which is highlighted.
  3. Select Back to Home.
    Shows an arrow hovering over the back to home button.
  4. Click Content.
    Shows an arrow hovering over the Content button on the sidebar
  5. In the list on the Pages screen, select My cart. If you can find it, your cart may have a different name. Select the title of the page that has Cart in the Page type column of the table.
    Shows an arrow hovering over the 'my cart' hyperlink.
  6. In the CONTENT field, write an introduction to the promotion and paste the discount code.
    Shows an arrow pointing to the content box.
  7. Select Save.
    Shows an arrow hovering over the save button.

For more information

  • About modifying your cart, click here.
  • About using the content text editor, click here.

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