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Helpful adjustments to eCom for COVID-19

This article contains common techniques to respond to the changing requirements for eCom users during this pandemic.

Adding info banner with a COVID-19 message (demo toolbar)

You can customize a banner that’s built into eCom to send a message to your merchants.

An article called Showing USPs in the demobar explains how this was done for unique selling points (USPs). You can change the suggested USP wording in the article to COVID-19 messages.

Setting up pickup in store or curbside pickup

This feature will be released Wednesday October 21, 2020.

eCom has in-store or curbside pickup feature. When customers select Pick up in-store, you are able to prepare the order and notify them when you're ready. Read Preparing orders for pickup for more information.

Mark order as picked up without sending an email

When a customer picks up their order, you need to mark the order as shipped in your eCom admin. You can do this without sending an email to merchants. This is useful because the automatic email sent by eCom is written for a shipment that is sent by mail. It does not apply to in store pickup.

  1. Login to your eCom admin and select Orders.
  2. Select an order that is marked as Ready for shipment.
  3. Open the shipment by selecting the link in the shipment id. For example, select #SHIP00029.
  4. Select Not shipped STATE dropdown menu and select Shipped.
  5. Select Save.

Local deliveries (Liquid Delivery in Can/US)

If you’re located in Canada or the United States, you can install the Liquid Delivery app. It allows you to create local delivery zones based on postal code ranges. Read about it on our Lightspeed website for more information

Tip the driver (gift wrapping)

You can configure your cart to offer to your customers the ability to tip the driver. The method is similar to Adding gift wrapping to the checkout, except instead of creating a gift wrapping product, you create a tip the driver product.

Delivery Timeframes

You can adjust your delivery timeframes if they’ve been affected by COVID-19.

  1. Create or modify your deliver timeframes from your eCom admin > Settings. Under Store settings, select Delivery timeframes.
  2. Add the delivery timeframes to your products from your eCom admin > Products. Select a product. In the DELIVERY TIMEFRAMES section, select å delivery timeframe.
  3. Select Save.

Maximum orderable quantity on products

You can set limits for products to ensure your customers do not over purchase products that are in high demand. Read Setting order quantity limits for your products for more information.

Gift Cards

Lightspeed eCom does not support gift cards. However, here are three alternatives to gift cards at your disposal:

  1. Sell in-store-only gift cards on your eCom store. Create a non-inventory matrix item in Retail called "gift card" and set the variants to be the different gift card amounts. 
  2. Create discount codes for your customers to use online. Discount codes cannot keep track of unused credit so you will need to track this manually.
  3. Our integration partner Advision offers a gift card solution for eCom: https://advision-ecommerce.com/.

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