2 b. Cluster information

In order to better serve our clients worldwide, we have multiple server clusters hosted in different areas. Please note that at the time of this writing, the clusters are not linked; they are independent of each other. This means any updates to your theme will have to be performed on each cluster.

We currently have 2 separate clusters, for both eCom V1 and V2:

  • Europe (EU)
  • North America (NoAm)

Login information

Your login information may be different on each cluster. Contact your partner manager for more information.

Lightspeed eCom V1

EU Cluster : [https://seoshop.webshopapp.com/backoffice/](https://seoshop.webshopapp.com/backoffice/)

NoAm Cluster : [https://store.shoplightspeed.com/backoffice/](https://store.shoplightspeed.com/backoffice/)

Lightspeed eCom V2

EU Cluster : [https://SHOPNAME.webshopapp.com/admin/](https://SHOPNAME.webshopapp.com/admin/)

NoAm Cluster : [https://SHOPNAME.shoplightspeed.com/admin/](https://SHOPNAME.shoplightspeed.com/admin/)


Within our different clusters, we have a series of different resellers, which are areas within our system based on different countries or regions. If you do not meet the language requirements (Documentation, Theme description and Support) you may not be published on all resellers accounts.

  • Benelux (Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg)
  • Dach (Germany, Austria and Switzerland)
  • Canada
  • United States
  • The United Kingdom
  • Others

We currently ask that all themes contain German, Dutch and English documentation and descriptions in order to be sold and explained in the respective languages of the resellers.

If you have any issues concerning the translations of your content, please speak to your partner manager.

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