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1. Designing your theme


Please follow these steps to ensure your theme will get accepted as a worthwhile contribution to the Lightspeed Theme Store.

  1. Have a look at the existing theme store.
  2. Design something something different and unique - The more your design stands out, the easier it will get approved!
  3. Prepare screen shots or demo images of the Home page, Catalog page and Product page.
  4. Upload these images through an Invision project or Feedbag.io
  5. Add comments on the images if you wish and share the link with your theme store manager
  6. Provide a list of 5 main USPs of your theme - Remember: Propositions such as "Responsive" or "Google fonts" are not unique.
  7. If your partner manager has questions or issues with your design or USPs, you  can discuss and adjust your design until your manager approves the designs.
  8. Once your design is approved, you’re ready to start coding!

Note: It is the partner's responsibility to keep the designs and features of their themes up to date. Lightspeed reserves the right to delist any Theme from the Theme Store at any time, for any commercial reason.

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