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3. Understanding the Lightspeed Draft framework


Draft is a collection of technologies used under the Lightspeed eCom platform.


Rain is the main component of Draft. It is a collection of all the Lightspeed eCom variables and filters. This language is based on Twig, a template engine for PHP. We recommend reading the Twig documentation to get a more complete understanding of the language.

Rain page structure

Rain variables

Rain syntax

Rain filters

Other technologies

Draft allows a number of other technologies to be used in conjunction with Rain. We do not allow any PHP on our system but Javascript (including jQuery) are allowed. We require for all our themes to be responsive and to work well across all recent browsers and devices. We recommend Bootstrap to help facilitate this.

Off-limit areas

Due to security reasons, the Customer Service form, Account pages , Blogs and Checkout Process and others are considered “Core pages” and therefore “Off-limits”. Their code isn’t available to theme builders, but their content may be stylised or slightly modified using CSS or Javascript.

NOTE: The checkout is only compatible with jQuery 2 and not with jQuery 3.

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