Adding product images

Good product photos are essential for the success of your online store. Use clear, visually appealing images to increase your turnover opportunities. We recommend you use square or rectangular high-resolution images, as they provide better results when customers zoom in, and give you the opportunity to optimally present your product range.

To make your product range even more appealing, you can add a unique image to each variant of your products. 

Do not hesitate to ask your suppliers for new pictures if theirs do not meet your quality standards.

To add an image

You can add a maximum of 10 images to each product.  
NOTE: If you're a Lightspeed Omnichannel customer, the maximum number of images per product is 12. Click here if you're unsure about what product you're using.
  1. On the left menu of the Back Office go to Products and choose the product you want to work with.
  2. Scroll to Images.
  3. Click Browse files to select an image from the hard drive of your computer and click the image to add it. If you want to add several images from the same file location, press Ctrl/Cmd while you select your images.
  4. Click Open to add the images to the product.

You can also add images by dragging them onto the Drag & Drop field.

To change the order of an image, click and drag it.


Image dimensions

Note: The maximum image size is 5 MB. These size limits are recommended by the developers of the theme, depending on the theme you choose.
Template Dimension
Absolut 1024px x 1024px
Ahead 374px x 374px
amaSEO 1000px x 1000px
Berlin 490px x 490px 
Blueprint premium 490px x 490px
Conform 800px x 1024px
DailyDeal 800px x 600px
Department Contact the theme developer
Delta Responsive 800px x 800px
DG Responsive 570px x 665px
Dreamcenter 800px x 1082px
Dresser 440px x 600px
Electronics responsive 600px x 600px
Essentials 709px x 1024px
FashionShop 494px x 299px
Flat Responsive 800px x 1000px
Fusion 800px x 600px
Instijl Media Theme 335px x 335px
Instijl Media Supreme 345px x 345px
Instijl Media Deluxe 335px x 335px.
Justuno Contact the theme developer
Lookz  1000px X 1000px
Megastore Responsive 800px X 800px
New Generation Contact the theme developer
SEOMatic 690px x 250px
SEOnista Contact the theme developer
The Bridge Responsive 450px x 450px
The River Contact the theme developer
Vice 920px x 720px

To delete an image

Mouse over the image and click the Trash icon to permanently delete the image.


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