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eCom image & platform limits

Use this article as a reference to determine the limits of the Lightspeed eCom platform. The limits have been organized into two parts: Image limits and the remaining limits to the rest of the platform itself.


In Lightspeed eCom, themes are designed to ensure an image is always optimized on the webpage, regardless of the original size of image uploaded. However, when overriding the theme code, the platform limits should be considered. Images in Lightspeed eCom have the following limits:

Products – number of images per product

Depending on eCom version:

  • eCom standalone: 10
  • Omnichannel: 12

Click here if you're unsure about the eCom version you're using.

Max image size 25 MB

It's recommended you balance the size of your images with your page load speed and keep images less than 1 MB. Smaller images will greatly improve your website's load speed.
Max image dimensions Images up to 5128px x 5128px will be stored unscaled. Images with dimensions larger than this will be scaled to 5128px on the largest dimension's edge.
Supported image formats
  • .jpg
  • .jpeg
  • .png
  • .gif
  • .webp
Recommended color space for images

Any RGB color space.

Images with a CMYK color space noticeably diminish in color when uploaded to eCom.

For more information, click here.

Platform Limits

The eCom platform has limits that apply to all users. These limits are optimized to guarantee responsive operation of all online stores hosted on our platform.

Some limits can be increased, depending on your eCom store and how it's setup. Contact your account manager, or our sales team. For more information about contacting us, click here.


Default Limit

Depends on your subscription. Compare your subscription by clicking on your location:


25,000 Standalone

15,000 when connected to a Retail POS (Omnichannel). For more information about identifying your eCom version, click here.

Variants per product 100
Related products per product 10
Custom fields per product 20
Quantity discounts per product 10

Images per product

10 Regular

12 Omnichannel

Title/Full Title 264 characters
SKU, Article Code, Barcode 255 characters
Product Content 65,532 characters
Product URL 50 characters (in the input field)
Custom Template Data Fields 255 characters


Categories 2000
Categories per product 25
Custom sorting within a category Up to 1000 products within a category
Number of Featured categories 20


Filters 6
Values per filter 15
Filter values per product 25




Tags per product 25
Products per tag 500


Specifications 50
Specification titles and attributes 254 characters


Reviews 10000
Reviews per product 50


Customer Groups 50
Customers per customer group 1000


Blogs 5
Visible blog posts in Recent blog posts section 5
Blog Post Contents 65,494 characters


Upsell Products in checkout 20
Snippets in the theme 25
Products on the homepage 24
Number of visible Headlines 10
Products on a customer Wish list  50
 Products in search results (frontend)  250


Discount rules 20
Discount Codes No Limit


Content Pages

65,532 characters

KB on a page 640,000
Service Pages (content pages) 20
Translation content 61,148 characters


Import New products 1000
Update Existing products with an import 10,000
Imports per day 25


Currencies 6
Redirects 25,000
Languages 7
Files (through Tools > Files) 500 (max. 50MB in total)
Maximum amount of products per order/quote 100
Additional Costs 100
Brands 1000
Suppliers 100
Hallmarks 50
Domains 1


API rate limits 300 / 3.000 / 12.000 (5 min / 1 hour / 1 day)
Number of API keys 3 (If at least an advanced subscription)
Front-End API limits (i.e. ajax requests) Bucket with 50 requests (leak rate of 5 requests/sec) per IP (read more on leaky bucket algorithm)

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