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Canceling and deleting orders

You can cancel an active order in your online store. Canceling an order does not delete the order.

Canceling an order cannot be undone. To restore a canceled order, you need to recreate the order as a new order.

Canceling an order

  1. In your back office, click Orders.
  2. Click the order number.
  3. Click Cancel order.

The Order page with the Cancel order button emphasized.

After you cancel an order:

  • The related products are added back to your inventory.
  • The related invoices are credited.
  • The related packing notes/slips are canceled.

Deleting an order

For security and tax purposes, it is not possible to delete orders. instead of fully deleting an order from your order list, you can:

  1. Cancel an order using the steps above.
  2. Make sure the order has been refunded.

If the customer requests privacy, you can optionally delete the customer's information from eCom.

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