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Managing returns

Returns vs refunds

Returns only adjust inventory. To reimburse your customer, read refunding orders instead.

Creating a return is a useful way to keep track of the reasons why products were returned. You can create a return for your customer in the Back Office and customers can also create returns by requesting them through their customer account. Visit the article titled How a customer does a return for more information.

To learn how to process an exchange, click here.

To process a customer created return:

  1. On the left menu of the Back Office go to Orders > Returns and click the return you want to work with.
  2. Review the return reason and action and select the status of your choosing. See for a description of each status.
  3. Click Save.

To create a return for your customer:

  1. Go to Orders and click the relevant order number.
  2. Click Create return.
  3. Complete the form. See below for more information on each option.

To prevent returns from customers:

  1. Click Settings from the sidebar when on the Home screen in the eCom back office.
  2. Disable the Allow returns switch located in the ACCOUNT & SERVICE section.
  3. Click Save.

Return options

The following details explain the fields you find when processing a return:

Quantity to return - The number of items a customer wishes to return.


  • New - Standard status of every new return.
  • Pending – Use this to show the return is in process.
  • Return authorized – Use this if you have received returned products but have not yet shipped them. This lets you know that the return is ready to process.
  • Item(s) repaired – Use this if customers return a products and receive another in return, or if a product needs to be repaired.
  • Item(s) refunded – Use this if a return shipment has been processed and the customer has been reimbursed.
  • Request rejected – Use this if goods are returned that do not comply with your return conditions, such as product that cannot be returned, because of incorrect or inappropriate use.
  • Cancelled – Use this if a return shipment is no longer valid.

Return reason - the reason why your customer wants to return the product. You can create a new return reason. For example, a customer wants to return a t-shirt because it has a manufacturer defect, so the return reason selected is Defective product.

Return action – how you or your customer wants the return to be resolved. You can create a new return action. For example, the customer wants to receive a replacement for a defective t-shirt, so the return action might be, Send a replacement t-shirt.

NOTE: Your customers can see the return reason and the return action by visiting your online store's homepage > Selecting Login/Create account and logging in > Selecting My orders > Selecting an order with a return by selecting View > Scrolling to Returns.


Update stock – Select whether to add the returned product to inventory. Do not add the product if, for example, it is faulty.

When inventory is connected to a physical point of sale, Update stock is not an available setting. To return, create a refund:

Notify customer – Use this to email the customer about the return status. To create the text of this email go to Settings > WEBSITE SETTINGS > Notification emails.


Customer comments – Enter the customer's comments about the return. It will be visible only to you and other Back Office users.

Staff note – If your online store is managed by several users, you can add an internal note for them.


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