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Modifying text pages

URL of pages in footer

All pages accessible via your website's footer will be located on your domain at /service. For example, your.domain.com/service/About-us. 

The /service address is used for all languages and cannot be modified.

In order to modify your text pages, follow these instructions:

  1. On the left menu of the Back Office click Content.
  2. Click the page you want to work with and enter the following information, as applicable:
    • Page content – Enter the title name in the Title field. This title will be visible in the (footer) menu of your online store and already contains a value when it concerns locked pages. Enter a page description in the Content
    • Search engine – Enter the text page meta data here.  
      • Page Title - The link in search engines.
      • Meta Description – Provide a brief description of the text page here. The meta description is listed as a page description below the link. You can use a maximum of 160 characters. Make sure to write a piece of text with a natural flow and avoid merely pasting keywords. 
      • Meta keywords - Keywords are words that describe core text page characteristics. Here you can enter words separated by commas. Meta keywords are no longer used by major search engines.
      • URL - Enter the link after the slash (/) in the right input field.Note: Do not use spaces. If you want to use several words, make sure to write them together or use a minus sign or underscore to separate them. For example, aboutus, about-us or about_us. This URL title is automatically placed behind the URL (http://domain-name/service/text-page-url). 
      • Visibility – Click the switch to make it blue and activate the text page so it will become visible in your online store.
  3. When you are finished updating pages, select the checkboxes for the pages you want to publish and from the Bulk Actions menu choose Publish selected pages.

Add information to your web store such as general terms and conditions, shipping and returns, and how to get customer support.

You can configure these pages:

About us Describe your online store and tell its story. You can also add your contact details.
General terms & conditions Tell your customers about the terms and conditions that apply to purchases.
Disclaimer Detail your liability for any damage or the exclusion thereof, for example by mentioning incorrect information on your website, either originating from you or third parties.
 Privacy policy Inform your customers about what you do and don't do with customer data. 
Payment methods Make it clear to your customers which payment methods you accept, so they know  what to expect. 
Shipping & returns Explain what you charge for shipping, where you ship, how shipping costs are calculated, and the procedures for returning goods. 
Customer support Add important information about your customer service. This text will be displayed above the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). 
Sitemap Customers can see your web shop's structure at a glance, enabling them to quickly find what they are looking for. Site maps also contribute to your findability online. You can modify the caption above your site map here.
Thank you for your purchase! Thank you message customers will see after making a purchase.
Homepage You can modify the introduction text of your homepage here. It will be displayed underneath headlines and above products.
My Cart The text entered here customers will see in their shopping cart.
Tag This page has been added here to create a search engine tag page. Customers cannot directly find it. You can reach this page through http://domain.com/tags/.
Newsletter terms & conditions Inform your customers of the terms and conditions that apply to subscribing to your newsletter.


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