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eCom platform specifications

Lightspeed eCom uses industry leading cloud platforms, including Netground, Google Cloud Platform and Amazon Web Services. This technology ensures your eCom store is hosted on fast, reliable and scalable servers.

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Number of orders the system can handle

eCom scales to meet the traffic in your eCom store. However, if you're expecting thousands of visitors and orders simultaneously, please make sure to contact us in advance. This will allow us to prepare our systems on your behalf, and provide you with some tips and recommendations on how best to ensure your customers have a smooth shopping experience.

Backups of your online store

Your online store is backed up every hour. In the event of a system crash, Lightspeed has you covered with servers in several locations from where we can restore your online store using an automatic backup. Backups are intended solely to restore your store after a system-wide crash. We can't restore individual transactions; for example, an order that you've accidently canceled cannot be restored.

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