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Ship with PostNL

PostNL is only available in The Netherlands and Belgium. For more information, click here.

With the PostNL integration, you are able to offer extra shipping options to your customers. For example, you can specify the delivery date and time or have the package delivered to the Post Office (PakjeGemak). You can also easily send parcels within Europe and internationally.

The integration will use your customer's country entered during checkout and the product weights to display the matching shipping services configured by you in the eCom Back Office. With a paid subscription to PostNL it will also allow you to print PostNL shipping labels from within the order and send shipping data to your PostNL account.

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Setting up PostNL

To enable PostNL on your website, complete the following steps:

  1. Access the PostNL settings

    1. In the eCom Back Office, click Settings.
    2. Click Shipping Methods.
    3. Click Configure PostNL.
  2. Setup your origin address

    1. Scroll to the ORIGIN ADDRESS section and enter your store's address.
  3. Set up pricing

    1. In the LOGIN INFORMATION section click Enable this integration and ensure the switch is ON.
    2. Scroll to the PRICING section and click Add pricing.
    3. Select a shipping method from the dropdown menu.
    4. Click Save.
    5. In the SHIPPING METHOD section, turn on the Enable this shipping method switch.
    6. Scroll to the CONFIGURATION section:
      1. For Free shipping above, enter the smallest amount customers need to spend to receive free shipping. Leave this field blank to disable the feature.
      2. For Tax rate, select the tax rate of your shipping method.
    7. Scroll to the WEIGHTS section and click Add weight.
    8. In the popup, enter the minimum weight, the maximum weight and the Price.
    9. Click Save.
    10. Scroll to the COUNTRIES section and click Change country selection. Select the countries for which this shipping method is available.
    11. Click Save.
    12. Repeat steps 5-15 until you've created all the shipping methods your business requires.
  4. Make PostNL rates visible in checkout

    1. On the right-hand side of Mode, set the mode to Live.
  5. Enable PostNL shipping labels (optional)

    1. Fill out the form located here (Dutch only).
    2. Wait 3-10 business days to receive the PostNL login information.
    3. Once you've received confirmation of your business account, obtain your PostNL login information including your:
      • Customer number - Six digit number
      • Customer code - Four letter code
      • Location code - Six digit number
      • PostNL API key - You can use this  step-by-step plan  (Dutch only) .
    4. In the eCom Back Office, click Settings.
    5. Click Shipping Methods.
    6. Click Configure PostNL.
    7. In the LOGIN INFORMATION section, enter the login information you obtained from PostNL into their respective fields.
    8. Click Save. New orders with PostNL as the shipment method will have a printable shipping label. For more information on printing shipping labels, click here.
  6. Review PostNL settings

    1. Scroll to and enable or disable the settings in the following sections as required. For more information about the settings in each section, click one of the following:
      1. Shipping methods
      2. Extra shipping options
      3. Settings
      4. Shipping days

PostNL settings reference

You access all PostNL settings under Settings > Shipping Methods > Configure PostNL.

Login information

Login information is not required to display rates in your checkout. If you want to print PostNL labels, login information is required. For instructions on how to set up labels, see the step-by-step instructions here.

  • Enable this integration - Activate PostNL by enabling this switch.
  • Mode - Set to Test when you want to link the shop to a test account (staging) of PostNL. Set to Live if you want to link the shop to a live PostNL account.
  • Customer number - This is the unique number of your account. This is provided by PostNL.
  • Customer code - This is the unique number provided by PostNL.
  • Location code - This is a number that represents your shipping location. This is provided by PostNL.
  • PostNL API key - Locate the API key in your PostNL manager portal. You can use this  step-by-step plan .

Shipping methods

In addition to the standard home delivery method where you can deliver on a day and time of your choice, with PostNL Checkout, you can also offer additional shipping methods with PostNL integration.

  • Same day delivery - Allow customers to choose same day delivery if they order before 12pm.
  • Cash on delivery - Customers can pay for packages at the door by means of cash on delivery.
  • Mailbox delivery (Brievenbuspakje) - Packages that fit through the mailbox.
  • - In addition to punctual home delivery PostNL also has a national network of pick-up points. Your customers have the choice to pick up their order at one of the many post offices with Albert Heijn, Bruna, Jumbo and Primera among others.
  • Pickup at a a parcel machine - Allow customers to choose a location nearby to pick up their order.
  • Morning and evening delivery - With this option, customers can pick up their package themselves at 400 locations in the Netherlands. This is possible from Tuesday to Saturday as early as 8:30 am. For evening deliveries, packages are delivered between 6:00 pm and 9:30 pm.
  • Europe delivery (Eu-Pack) - Ship packages to countries within the European Union, Click here for more information.
  • Worldwide delivery (Global-Pack) - Ship packages to countries outside the European Union. Click here for more information.

Extra shipping options

  • Insurance (Increased liability) - You can insure the package if you want to send valuable goods. Click here for more information.
  • Return when not home - The package will be returned if the recipient is not home and a new delivery address can be chosen by means of MijnPakket.
  • Signature upon delivery - The recipient of the package acknowledges receipt with a signature and their name in capital letters. Click here for more information.
  • Disable Delivery to neighbour - Disable delivery of packages to a customer's neighbor(s).
  • Notification - Allow PostNL to send messages about the shipment via SMS or e-mail. (Only available for pick up at service points).


  • Barcode type - The system generates this for you and is provided by PostNL.
  • GlobalPack barcode type - The type of barcodes that the system will generate for you on a worldwide shipment (GlobalPack). This is provided by PostNL.
  • GlobalPack barcode range - a unique number that PostNL provides.
  • Taxrate- The tax rate for all PostNL shipping methods.
  • Allow customers to choose a delivery timeframe - Allow customers to choose a delivery date in the checkout
  • Allow delivery on Sunday - Allow customers to choose Sunday as the delivery day in the checkout. Contact your PostNL account manager.
  • Allow delivery on Monday - Allow customers to choose Monday as a delivery day. This doesn't affect evening deliveries. Contact your PostNL account manager
  • Order before this time to offer Monday delivery - Choose until what time customers can order to allow the next Monday as a delivery day.

Shipping days

Shipping days will affect the delivery timeframes at the checkout. You can enable which days you deliver packages to PostNL. You can also configure the time you need to ship the order to determine the earliest delivery date.

Origin Address

Use this section to define the return address as displayed on labels. This section is required to make shipping rates appear in checkout. For setup instructions, click here.


Use this section to define what your customers have to pay for shipping. This section is required to make shipping rates appear in checkout. For setup instructions, click here.

  • Enable this shipment method - Activate this status if you want to use the shipping method.
  • Free shipping above - enter the order amount (in euros including VAT) your customers must spend in order to avoid paying shipping costs. If you always charge shipping costs, leave this field empty.
  • Tax - Enter the VAT rate you charge on the shipping costs. If you do not see any values ​​in the drop down menu, you must first create these values in the eCom Back Office by clicking Settings > under PAYMENT SETTINGS click Taxes.
  • Weights - Click on Add weight and enter the minimum and maximum weight, in grams.
  • Price - Enter the price for this shipping method, including tax.
  • Countries - Select the countries for whom these weight classes and prices apply. Pay attention!
    NOTE: To charge more to ship to another country, create a new price for that country by repeating this process again.


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