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Offering free shipping

Free shipping alternative

Other manual shipping methods use Minimum order price for free shipping.

It's located in Settings > Shipping methods > Select the title of a manual shipping method > SHIPPING RATES section.Shows the free shipping field in the manual shipping method configuration screen.

For more information about other shipping methods like:

  • Manually offering fixed shipping rates, click here.
  • Manually offering variable shipping rates, click here.

This shipping strategy provides free shipping to your customers. You can do this by creating a shipping method that charges a rate of zero.

Offering this to your customers means your business pays for the cost of shipping. This can be expensive if you have to fulfill frequent orders in your eCom store. It is a fairly simple strategy to implement, only requiring one shipping method and no changes to your products.

Research the cost of shipping your products using shipping providers in your area before implementing this shipping strategy to avoid expensive surprises. To reduce the cost offering of free shipping:

  • Market this shipping strategy as a promotion and use it for only a short period of time.
  • Consider increasing the price of your products to compensate for the cost of shipping. This can take more time to implement due to the modifications to your product prices. Increasing the price of products may not be possible for every business. Carefully consider retail indicators like profit margin and market price competition before deciding to implement this strategy.

For example, to offer free shipping, one shipping method would be created with the following settings:

  • Name: Free shipping
  • Description: UPS usually delivers in 2-5 business days.
  • Shipping weight range and rate:
    • From 0 - 1000 lbs,  0.00 USD
  • Country: United states


  1. Open your Lightspeed eCom Back Office and click Settings.
  2. In the second column called Store Settings, click Shipping methods.
  3. Click Add manual shipping method.
  4. Enter a title for the new shipping method that will be visible to your customers.
  5. Keep the type set as Default shipping and click Continue.
  6. Enter the name of the shipping method in the field labeled Title in the SHIPPING METHOD TITLE section. Optionally, type a description. For example: We ship using Fedex only.
  7. Click Add shipping rate in the SHIPPING RATES section.
  8. Create a tier that includes all your products. For example, enter a weight tier from 0 - 1000000.
  9. Select any unit of measurement.
  10. In the field labeled Rate excluding VAT, type a zero value and click Save.
  11. In the COUNTRIES section, select the countries for which free shipping should apply.
  12. In the TAX RATE section:
    1. North American eCom stores: Keep the switch labeled Calculate taxes automatically enabled.
    2. European, UK or Australian eCom stores: Select an appropriate tax rate.
  13. Click Save.

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