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Testing your checkout

The advanced, workflow, shipping, tax, payment and store country settings affect your checkout. When you make a change to these settings, test your checkout to make sure it's working correctly.

This article includes the testing process, refunding test orders and an outline of the customer checkout process.

Testing process

Follow these steps to test your checkout. To fully test:

  • Shipping methods, complete steps one to five.
  • Payment methods, complete all steps.
  1. Viewing your eCom store

    Testing: View your eCom store's homepage by going to its web address. Or you can access your homepage from inside your Back Office, from the Home screen, click View Store.

  2. Testing your cart

    1. Find a product and add it to your cart.
    2. Open your cart and ensure your products are added.

    Pass: Products are available and can be added to cart

  3. Testing your checkout button

    Open your cart and click Checkout.

    Pass: Checkout button is visible

    Troubleshooting: If you don't see a Checkout button, you may not have enabled your payment provider.

  4. Testing customer details

    Ensure all the necessary fields are visible. For example, if you will have customers from North America, ensure the Region field is there.

    Pass: All needed fields are visible

  5. Testing shipping methods

    Test shipping methods by region:

    1. Go to the customer details screen and enter a shipping address in your region.
    2. Return to the shipping method portion of checkout and verify shipping methods are visible in your region.
    3. Repeat these steps for every necessary region.

    Test shipping methods by product:

    1. Go to your website and add products to your cart that would make up a common order.
    2. Return to the shipping method portion of checkout and verify shipping methods are visible for this group of products.
    3. Repeat these steps for all types of orders you would expect.

    Pass: All required shipping methods are visible on screen
    Fail: Error appears that says No shipping methods visible for this country.

    Troubleshooting: For assistance when your shipping methods are missing from checkout, click here.

  6. Testing payment methods

    The pass conditions differ based on the design of a payment providers. Some accept payment details in checkout, for example: Cayan or Stripe. Others redirect customers to the provider's payment page, for example: PayPal or Klarna:Pay Later.

    Testing providers that accept details in checkout

    1. Make sure the payment provider can be selected in this portion of checkout.
    2. Enter credit card details.
    3. If possible, use test card numbers that may be available depending on your payment provider. Using real card details may incur charges from your payment provider.

    Testing providers that redirect after checkout

    1. Make sure the payment provider can be selected in this portion of checkout.

    Partial pass: Payment methods can be selected. For a complete pass, a redirect to your thank you page occurs after clicking Buy.

    Partial pass: Payment methods can be selected. For a complete pass, a redirect to a payment details page occurs after clicking Buy.

    Troubleshooting: Ensure your payment methods are enabled in your eCom Back Office > Payment methods.

  7. Testing the Buy button

    For the confirmation stage, confirm you agree to the terms and conditions and click Buy.  Depending on your payment provider, the payment test passes when:

    1. The screen redirects to the next Thank you stage.
    2. The screen redirects to a payment page.

    Pass: The Buy button can be clicked.

  8. Testing the redirect to a payment page

    This test is for payment providers designed to receive payment credentials after a redirect. A successful redirect confirms that the settings in the eCom Back Office Settings > Payment Providers are entered correctly.

    Pass: The customer was redirected to the a page from the payment provider to enter credentials.

    Optionally you can enter payment credentials to test that:

    • The payment provider can accept a transaction.
    • A redirect to your Thank you page occurs after a successful transaction.
  9. Testing a redirect to thank you page

    Pass: Customer are redirected the thank you page.


    • When a customer is redirected back to the payments screen, the payment may have failed. Check with the payment provider.
    • If an error occurs or a page cannot be displayed it is usually caused by payment provider credentials entered incorrectly. Review the setup instructions for the payment provider for more information.
    • You can add content on the thank you page in your eCom Back Office > Content > Thank you for your purchase!

Refunding test orders

It's recommended you cancel your test orders. Otherwise product inventory remains in your test orders.

  1. Open your eCom Back Office and click Orders.
  2. Click on the order number.
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Cancel Order.
  4. Login to your the payment provider and refund the order there as well.

For more information about refunding orders, click here.

The customer checkout process

A customer goes through these steps when making a purchase:

  1. Views your eCom store's homepage by going to your web address.
  2. Finds a product and add it to your cart.
  3. Open their cart and click Checkout.
  4. In the customer details portion, they enter their personal and shipping details.
  5. In the shipping method portion, they select their preferred shipping method.
  6. In the payment method portion, they select preferred payment method. Depending on the payment method, they may enter their payment card details here.
  7. In the confirmation portion, they may need to confirm they understands the terms and conditions. Then they click Buy.
  8. Then, depending on the payment method, they are either:
    1. Redirected to the Thank you page.
    2. Redirected to a payment page where they can enter their credit card details.
  9. View the thank you page when they have successfully completed checkout.

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