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Setting up in-store or curbside pickup

You can offer in-store or curbside pickup in checkout by adding an in-store pickup shipping method and adding a notification email template.

  1. In your eCom admin, select Settings.
  2. Select Shipping methods.
  3. Select the in-store pickup shipping method in the MANUAL SHIPPING section. If you don't see this setting, add a new in-store pickup shipping method.
  4. Verify that:
    • The name of the shipping method matches your pick up concept. Make sure it includes either curbside or in-store pickup, depending on what your customers will understand.
    • The shipping rate applies to a wide enough weight range to encompass all possible order sizes.
    • The shipping rate price for in-store pickup is correct. For example, for free in-store pickup, ensure the price is $0.00.
    • The selected states, provinces and countries correspond to you actual physical locations.
  5. Select Save.
  6. Select Back to Settings in the sidebar.
  7. In the Website Settings column, select Notification Emails.
  8. Select the Ready for pickup template.
  9. Update the following content to suit the brand and style of your business:
    • In Title, enter the email's subject line. For example Your order is ready to be picked up
    • In the body, explain how customers can arrive at your store and pick up their order. If you have a specific procedure, explain it.
    • Use keys like [[orderid]] or [[fullname]] to explain to add customized content in the email.
  10. Select Save. Your eCom store is now ready to receive in-store pickup or curbside pickup orders.

Next steps

Adding a new in-store pickup shipping method

  1. In your eCom admin, select Settings.
  2. Select Shipping methods.
  3. Select Add manual shipping method.
  4. Select In-store pickupContinue.
  5. Enter a title. For example, type In-store pickup or Curbside pickup. If multiple languages are enabled, enter the translation or placeholder text.
  6. Select Add shipping rate.
  7. Enter a weight range. To make in-store pickup available for orders of any size, enter 0 for the minimum weight, 10,000 for the maximum weight and Kilograms or Pounds for the Unit measurement.
  8. Enter the price for in-store or curbside pickup. For example: 0.00.
  9. Select Save.
  10. Under COUNTRIES, select any country where you have physical locations. Depending on your location, you can also select your state or province.
  11. Select Save.

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