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Lightspeed eCom (E-Series) upgrade FAQ

This program is only available to certain North American merchants.

Why should I upgrade?

Lightspeed eCom (E-Series) is the new Lightspeed eCommerce offering and we are continuing to invest and expand our eCommerce features on the eCom (E-Series) platform. To access exciting and important features to grow your online business, such as new selling channels, headless commerce opportunities, and the E-Series iOS/Android apps to manage your store on the go, we suggest all eligible merchants upgrade to eCom (E-Series).

What if I don’t want to upgrade?

All of our eCommerce development and future features will launch on the eCom (E-Series) platform and we will be focusing our development and support resources on eCom (E-Series). We recommend all our eligible merchants to upgrade to take advantage of the improved eCommerce experience that eCom (E-Series) offers.

Will the upgrade cost me anything?

No, the upgrade is free.

What are examples of new features I'll get access to after upgrading to eCom (E-Series)?

  • Instagram and Facebook integration.
  • Mobile app to manage your store.
  • Integrations with website builders like Wix and WordPress.
  • Selling digital goods and subscriptions.
  • Local shipping and zone-based delivery options.

How is Lightspeed helping me transfer my store to eCom (E-Series)?

We will create an eCom (E-Series) store for you and transfer all of your important settings, products, and customer information. Any data that will not be carried over or your historical transactions will still be available after the migration. 

Your eCom (E-Series) store will be attached to the same account email address you use for eCom (C-Series).

What happens to my storefront design?

Lightspeed eCom (E-Series) allows you to sell anywhere your customers are with native integrations to Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and more. When you transfer your information to eCom (E-Series), you are provided with a brand new Instant Site, which is the next-generation storefront for merchants. In addition, eCom (E-Series) boasts native integrations with website builders such as Wix or WordPress and allows you to implement eCommerce into any website using its headless commerce capabilities.

What data is transferred to my new eCom store?

Learn more about which data points will be migrated to your new eCom (E-Series) store in Getting ready to upgrade to Lightspeed eCom (E-Series). Historical data such as invoices, subtotals, discounts, and taxes won't be migrated in order to preserve integrity.

What happens to my domain name? Do I have to transfer it myself?

Yes. You can visit the eCom (E-Series) Help Center for more information about domain connections.

Where can I find more information about the upgrade?

For more upgrade information, refer to Upgrading your Lightspeed eCom to E-Series in the eCom (E-Series) help center. You can also reach out to your Lightspeed Account Manager to get the process started.

How long does the upgrade take?

Although this depends on the number of customers and products in your store, the upgrade usually takes between 30 minutes and 1 hour. Your eCom (C-Series) store will remain active during this process.

How does the automated upgrade work?

After reviewing the data to be transferred, you will be asked to confirm the upgrade by entering your store owner password. Once confirmed, we'll create your eCom (E-Series) store and transfer data from eCom (C-Series).

Your eCom (C-Series) store will be operational until the last step of the upgrade and you will continue to be able to accept orders. During the last step, your eCom (C-Series) store will be closed and eCom (E-Series) will be your only active site. The upgrade is automated, so you can choose when to upgrade your store to eCom (E-Series).

What will happen to my API connections and apps?

eCom (E-Series) has a robust app store and an API for custom integrations. We'll inform you of the equivalent apps for your apps on eCom (E-Series) during the upgrade process.

More information on eCom (E-Series)

For more information about eCom (E-Series), visit the main website or visit the help center for assistance. 

You can contact Support by phone (via Retail (R-Series) Support) or by chat or email (via eCom (E-Series) Support). 

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