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Upgrading to eCom (E-Series)

This program is only available to certain North American merchants.

This article outlines the four steps involved in upgrading to eCom (E-Series). Follow each one closely to ensure a smooth upgrade process.

Step 1: Create eCom (E-Series) and transfer data

  1. Select the Upgrade to E-Series page, and in the Upgrade to eCom (E-Series) in four steps section, select Create store to start the upgrade process. create store c-series
  2. Next, if you are currently using the Ignite or Conform Plus theme, you can choose to transfer it or choose the Default theme option to start your design from scratch in eCom (E-Series).
    Screenshot 2023-10-13 at 5.52.39 PM.png
  3. Under the Store design section, review the data that is included in the transfer.
    1. Screenshot 2023-10-13 at 5.56.19 PM 1.png

    The data included in the transfer:

    • Products: products and categories 
    • Customers: customers and newsletter subscriptions
    • Marketing: discount codes and their limitations
    • Store settings: company and account information, formats and units, tax settings, shipping methods and languages

    The product information that will be transferred:

    • Full image
    • Brand
    • Supplier
    • Description
    • Categories
    • Filters
    • Images
    • Content
    • Article code 
    • Related products
    • Specifications
    • Tags
    • Price
    • Old price
    • Customer fields
    • SEO information
    • Delivery timeframe
    • Quantity discounts
  4.  Select Continue at the top right.

    continue button

  5. On the Review data to archive page, review the list of historical data, which includes order history, service tickets and appointments, URL redirects, and applications and add-ons. Then select Continue at the top right.Upgrade continue.jpg

  6. The Create eCom (E-Series) store and transfer data pop-up displays important upgrade information. Select the check box to agree to the terms and conditions of the upgrade. Create store
  7. The store owner's email is pre-filled in the email field. It is mandatory that only the store owner's email and password are used to continue the transfer. Select Create store
    Note - If the store owner does not remember their email password, you may log out and do a password reset. If the pre-fill email does not match the store owner's email address, contact our support team.
  8. When the transfer begins, select View transfer at any time to see what is being transferred (included in the list above.)

    view transfer

    This is where the transferring data appears along with its status.

    Note: The Theme section only appears if you choose to migrate your current theme.

    transfer in progress

    Once the store is created and the data transfer is complete, step one is marked as Done.

    Done status transfer

  9. If you navigated to the View transfer page to check the status, select Upgrade to E-Series in the top bar or side menu to go back to the next step in the process.  

Step 2: Set up eCom (E-Series)

  1. Navigate to the Upgrade to E-Series page and scroll to the Four steps to E-Series section. In the Set up eCom (E-Series) section, click Go to eCom (E-Series) to get started.

    Note: If you are an R-Series omnichannel merchant, you may have to log out and log back in to your Lightspeed Retail (R-Series) account to see Lightspeed eCom (E-Series) in your product switcher. 

    Once your transfer is completed, your trial period will start. After this period, eCom (C-Series) will be deactivated.
    go to ecom
  2. On the eCom (E-Series) login page, sign in to eCom (E-Series) with the username and password you've previously used for eCom (C-Series). Then select Sign in

    sign in E-Series

  3. Once logged in to eCom (E-Series), you'll see the Dashboard along with tips for getting started. Review each one if you need help to get your store set up, or simply select the checkmark to the left to check it off the list.

    E-Series dashboard

    From the left-side menu, you'll also see migrated content under each applicable section. For example, in the left-side menu under My Sales > Customers is a list of your migrated customers. And under Catalog > Products is a list of all your migrated products. Review the Getting to know Lightspeed eCom (E-Series) article for brief descriptions of the menu items. For more detailed information, visit the eCom (E-Series) Help Center.

Step 3:  Make eCom (E-Series) your online store

Note: If you perform this step now, your eCom (C-Series) account will be deactivated and eCom (E-Series) becomes your online store. You have the trial period to learn how to use the new eCom (E-Series) site and complete the upgrade.


  1. When you're ready to finish the upgrade process, navigate back to C-Series > Upgrade to E-Series, and at the third step, click Start selling with E-Series.

    Start selling

  2. On the Finalize your upgrade to Lightspeed eCom (E-Series) page, confirm that your store is ready for transactions and agree to the upgrade by checking the box. Enter your login information and click Complete upgrade.


  3. Once the data sync is complete, a confirmation screen tells you that your eCom (E-Series) store is now up and running!

    data synced

Congratulations! You are now all setup to sell in your upgraded eCom store! 

Step 4:  Connect your domain name to E-Series

In order to learn more about connecting your domain to Lightspeed eCom (E-Series), you can follow the instructions in our E-Series help centre here.

More information on eCom (E-Series)

For more information about eCom (E-Series), visit the main website. Or, visit the Help Center for assistance.

See the FAQ article or contact Support any time via phone (callback via chat only), chat, or email. 

Once your upgrade is complete, continue on to the Getting to know Lightspeed eCom (E-Series) article.

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