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Preparing eCom and applying for Lightspeed Payments

Our underwriting team must review your eCom store to approve the use of Lightspeed Payments. Before you apply, update your eCom store to make sure it meets the requirements below. If you have any questions, contact us.

Website requirements

To be approved for Lightspeed Payments on eCom, your website must be complete, live, and meet the criteria listed below:

  • Products must be visible and have images.
  • Homepage and content pages must be completed.
  • Shipping methods that match your shipping policy must be enabled.
  • Legal agreements are completed and visible.
  • Alcohol merchants must have an age gate/age verification app.

Adding legal agreements to content pages

Content pages with legal agreements and policies are required to process with Lightspeed Payments. These protect you against complaints and fraud and set customer expectations. For more information on how to edit these pages, click here.

Privacy policy

A clear privacy policy is required by law and Lightspeed Payments. Privacy policies tell users the type of data you collect and how that data is used. Click here for templates and more information on adding legal agreements to your content pages.

Terms and conditions

A terms and conditions page allows you to clearly detail your policies, requirements, and restrictions for your customers. While a base template can be found here, it is important to be careful when using generic terms and conditions. They are not a substitute for legal advice specifically tailored to address the risks faced by your business.

Shipping policies

Shipping policies describe how orders ship to the customer. A complete shipping policy should include:

  • Domestic and international shipping options
  • Local delivery options
  • In-store pickup options
  • Shipping costs
  • Carriers used
  • Processing times
  • Alcohol merchants must also include:
    • Where you will and will not ship or deliver. 
    • What items are eligible for delivery.
    • How age verification will be handled upon delivery.

Return and refund policy

A clear return policy sets customer expectations and protects you against complaints. In this section, include:

  • Which items can be returned or exchanged.
  • Which products are "final sale".
  • Amount of time the customer has to request a refund or exchange.
  • How to initiate a refund or exchange.
  • How the refund will be processed (ie, store credit or original payment type).

Payment methods

This section can be a brief sentence or a bulleted list. List what credit cards and other payment methods you accept, such as Discover, Visa, Mastercard, PayPal, etc.

Contact information

The address, phone number, and email address for your business must be correct across all pages.

Submitting your application

Once your eCom store meets all the requirements for Lightspeed Payments, you can submit an application in your eCom store.

  1. Login to your eCom store using the Account Owner or other Admin user.
  2. In the left navigation, click Lightspeed Payments.
  3. Enter your email address and click Continue.Retail-C-apply-lspay.png
  4. Fill in all required fields and click Save and continue. Repeat this step until the entire application has been completed
  5. Review your application to ensure all information is correct and click Submit.

The Lightspeed Payments underwriting team will review your website and keep you informed on the status of your application.

Alcohol merchants

In addition to a completed website, our underwriters require the following information for alcohol merchants: 

  • How do you ensure shipping is handled in a compliant way? Do you perform ID checks?
  • Do you perform background checks on your employees? If not, how do you ensure they are acting compliantly?
  • Please provide an overview of the payment flow for an eCom transaction. What is the customer journey to purchase alcohol on your website?

Once you are approved for Lightspeed Payments, you can set up Lightspeed Payments and edit your payment settings. 

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