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Connecting Mollie

You can connect Mollie to Lightspeed eCom. You can manage additional options or troubleshoot payment issues.


You must have an account with Mollie. Contact Mollie to sign up.


  1. Login to your Mollie account.
  2. Complete the steps in Settings > Organization.
  3. Enter your bank account number in Settings > Bank accounts > +Add business bank account.
  4. Open Settings > Website Profiles > + Create a new website profile and enter your website name and domain name.
  5. Select Contact information to enter your details.
  6. Select Available payment methods to select your desired payment method.
  7. In your eCom admin, select Settings.
  8. Under PAYMENT SETTINGS, select Payment provider.
  9. Select Add a payment provider at the top right-hand side of the screen.
  10. Search for Mollie in the list and select Add.
  11. Keep the switch to activate this payment provider off, until you're ready to display it to your customers.
  12. Keep the Visibility set as Consumers & B2B.
  13. Enter the API key you receive from Mollie.
  14. Activate the payment methods that match your Mollie account. Read more about Managing payment methods.
  15. Add Additional payment costs if required.
  16. When you're ready to make the payment methods visible in checkout, activate the switch at the top of the page to enable Mollie.
  17. Select Save.

Next steps

Verify your changes were successful by testing your checkout.


The credit card amount is too low for the sale

Send an email to creditcard@mollie.com. Indicate why the maximum amount has to be increased and to what amount.

Each payment method has its own costs

The various payment options have different minimum and maximum amounts. View this page for more information. Under Additional settings, select Prices per method  to set additional charges or minimum order amount per payment. 

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