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Notification email overview

Notification emails are sent due to various interactions with your online store. For example, if your customer clicks a forgot password button on your website, they will receive an email notification based on the Account password notification email content. 

You can change the verbiage and tone of the emails to match your store's brand. Although most notification emails are important, you can prevent notification emails from being sent to your customers at your own discretion. To learn how to:

  • Edit notification emails, click here.
  • Disable notification emails, click here.

Receiving emails from your eCom store

When a customer receives an email from your store, it will appear to be sent from the Service address entered in Settings > Company. For more information on confirming or modifying the email addresses of your eCom store, click here.

Notification email templates

Normally, Lightspeed eCom will already have a default template for each notification email. The original notification email templates for English, Dutch, French or German can be found here.

Order notifications after purchase

By default, there are four notification emails that a customer will receive in the usual flow. A confirmation of the order, payment, shipping and then tracking is sent. See Sending invoices only after a successful payment to only send the invoice, shipping and tracking emails.

Many payment providers will attempt to charge customers immediately after they click buy in checkout. In these cases, it is normal for customers to receive the Order confirmation and invoices email and the Order paid email at almost the same time. All four order related email templates serve important purposes and are sent in the following sequence:

  1. Order confirmation and invoices - By default, this notification email is the first email your customer will receive. The Default notification template specifies that it is not a confirmation of payment, rather it is a confirmation that their order has been received and is awaiting payment. This email serves these purposes:
    • Provides your customer with an invoice that includes the products they are requesting to purchase as well as the requested amount due for the order. The invoice is automatically attached unless you have prevented automatic invoices for new orders.
    • At the same time as sending this email your customer, the email can be forwarded to staff, acting as notification that a new order has been placed. To receive new order notifications, read Configuring new order notifications.
  2. Order paid - Your customer will receive this email once the order has been marked as paid. This notification is useful to customers to know if they have paid for the order.
  3. Order shipped - Tells the customer that the order is complete and that it is on it's way to the shipping address provided.
  4. Order tracking number - Informs the customer of the tracking number. Only sent if a tracking number is added for the shipment in Orders > Shipping > Shipment number > Tracking number.

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