2. Coding your theme


Development Tools

After your design has been approved, you can move on to the development phase for your theme. In addition to these articles, many tools are at your disposal to make your life easier when it comes to development.

Development Tools

Choose a Cluster & Back-office

We currently have multiple clusters of servers to cater more directly and rapidly to our customer base. Please consult your partner manager in order to decide on the cluster most suitable to host your theme.

Cluster Information

Different Back-office versions

Most of our new users are getting moved to our v2 back-office, which is constantly being updated. However, our deprecated V1 may still be of use in rare cases.

Please consult the Cluster Information page for more information about accessing the back-office and consult the The Template Editor page for more information about the differences between the two versions.

The Template Editor

You must code your theme within our Template Editor. To learn more about the different versions and areas of the Template Editor, please consult the following page:

The Template Editor

NOTE: There is Local Development solution available to more experienced theme designers working in OSX. This solution is not officially supported by Lightspeed. Contact your partner manager for more details.

What's next?

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