Creating product variants (product sets)

If you sell products that are available in a variety of versions, sizes, colors or configuration levels, you can create sets of product variants. This simplifies adding inventory to your store, and gives your customers different options for the same product.

You can create a maximum of 100 variants per product set. For example:

  • You have a t-shirt category with two product options: color and size.
    • For color, you have 3 options: gray, black and white.
    • For size, you have 4 options: S, M, L and XL.
  • In total, you have 12 variants (3 x 4) in your product set.

NOTE: It's important to note that variants are counted in the product limit of your subscription. For example, if you're subscribed to the Essential package, with 250 products, and you assign 12 variants to a product, you have 238 products remaining.

To set pricing and inventory for individual product variants, see Setting prices and stock for product variants.

In this section

To create a product set

  1. On the left menu of the Back Office go to Products > Product sets and at the top of the screen click Add a product set.
  2. Enter a Title for the product set, for example, t-shirts.
  3. Add options to the set, for example color and size. Click Add an option and enter the options you want to create.
  4. Add values to the set, such as sizes. Click Add a value and enter a value for a product option, such as S for small, M, L and OS (one size).


To attach a product set to a product

When you create a new product, you can assign a product set to it during the creation process. Simply select the relevant product set from the Product set drop-down in the PRODUCT SET area.


You can also attach a product set to an existing product.

NOTE: When you attach a product set to an existing product, all variants that you previously created for the product under INVENTORY & VARIANTS (including the default) are overwritten by the variants of the product set you attach. You may need to reconfigure some of the data for the variants, such as price and stock. 

  1. On the left menu of the Back Office go to Products and choose the product you want to work with.
  2. Scroll down to the PRODUCT SET area, and select the product set you want to assign to the product from the Product set drop-down. 
  3. Save your changes. The Inventory and Variants section refreshes to display the variants for the product set.


To add images to variants

You can add product images to variants. For example, if you have a t-shirt product range with gray, black and white color variants, you can add an appropriate image to each variant to optimally present your product range. 

Note the following when adding images:

  • You can only add 1 image to each variant.
  • Images that you add to variants must be part of the image library you previously uploaded for the product. See Adding product images
  • Keep in mind that the number of product images available for you to add to variants depends on the number of images that you added to the product. The current maximum is 10 images per product. 

To add images:

  1. In the Inventory and Variants section, click the image placeholder to the left of the variant that you want to add an image to.


  2. Select an image and click Save.Screen_Shot_2016-09-21_at_3.39.49_PM.png

To edit variants

If you want to remove variants from a product, from the Action menu click Delete for the variant.


The variant can no longer be purchased through your online store. After you remove a variant, you can add it again by clicking Add variant.


Click the green + next to the variant to add it to the product.



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