Using the Text Editor

Use the text editor to easily edit text, and add graphics, hyperlinks and videos.


  • Formats
    • Headings - Do not use H1. There can only be one H1 on a page. The title is always H1. 
    • Inline 
      • B - Make text bold
      • I - Make text italic
      • U - Underline text
      • S - Strikethrough text
      • Superscript - Numbers positioned a little higher than line text.
      • Subscript - Numbers positioned a little lower than line text.
      • Code - This is the HTML editor associated with texts. You can use HTML code to modify text according to your preferences.
    • Block - HTML adjustments
      • Paragraph - make a piece of text as paragraph
      • Blockquote - quotes
      • Div - Create a div 
      • Pre - Preformatted text
    • Alignment - Align left (default), center, align right and justify (equal line lengths).
  • B - Make text bold
  • IMake text italic
  • Bullet points - Use bullet points to create lists. You can only use the closed round (black) globules.
  • Numbering - Use digits to create ordered lists.
  • Text indents - Create one or more text indents. The indent size cannot be set.
  • Reduce indent - Create a text indent or reduce its size (with multiple indents).
  • Add table - Add a table to a text. Clicking this button will open a menu where you can select appropriate values, such as rows and columns.
  • Add hyperlink - Change text into a hyperlink. See Adding a PDF how to create a hyperlink and add a PDF.
  • Remove hyperlink - Change a link back to plain text.
  • Video - Add a video, through a URL or file on your computer.
  • Image - Add an image.
  • HTML - HTML editor for texts. You can use HTML code to modify text according to your preferences.


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