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Exchanging products on an order

You can exchange products in an order by making two transactions: a refund and a new order.

  1. Have the customer ship the item back to you. They can optionally use the Returns feature in his customer account. For more information, click here.
  2. When you receive the item, refund the product being exchanged. For more information on how to refund, click here.
  3. Click MoreDuplicate, creating a quote.
    Shows an arrow pointing to the duplicate button.
    In the quote:
    1. Add and remove products so that the order contains only the products your customer wants.
    2. Convert the quote to an order.
    3. For more information about quotes, click here.
  4. A quote should send your customer an email with a link. To make sure you the exchange is successful, you may want to contact your customer. Explain that they need to log into their account to pay for the order. For more information about customer accounts, click here.
  5. Fulfill the order by shipping it to your customer. For more information on fulfilling orders, click here.

If you have a physical store and your customer comes in to complete an exchange, follow the instructions for your:

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