Changelog backoffice v1 (v1)

  • Fixed an issue where discounted prices would not appear on new and popular products.
  • Changed the link "to the backoffice" in the demobar to the new backoffice login for shops in the new backoffice.
  • Fixed the table columns in the cart overview if there are additional costs 
  • Fixed a problem when a product has a custom field from dropdown, it would not display the option selected in the checkout.
  • Removed the option to select an empty country in the multistep and the onepage checkout, similair to the onepage.
  • We now clear the extra address fields that show up for different countries when switching to a country that doesn't have these fields.
  • Fixed an issue where the data entered in the checkout process would not be saved if the email address was incorrect.
  • Fixed an issue where some settings like "show tags, show brands, show all products" for mobile commerce didn't work.
  • It is now possible to search for a (partial) discount code in the orders overview.
  • We now change the “updated at” when modifying discount code. This is only visible with the API.
  • Tradetracker now shows the correct url with the campaignid.
  • We added a variable in the frontend that shows if the template editor has been enabled or not. (shop.settings.template_editor)
  • External services can now "turn off" caching and prioritize their methods.
  • Several fixes to make afterpay work again in the old checkout.
  • Blocked several pages from being indexed by searchengines
  • Fixed an issue in the account - order overview, where a discount on a product would mess up the table.
  • If there is a cost price, we set it to hidden in the developer toolbar now.
  • When you add 2 or more product bundles to the cart the amount would be discounted only once, this is now fixed.
  • added template support for ingenico (Ogone).
  • Fixed the item price for bundle products.
  • We fixed a bug where the comment field in the one page checkout would not be saved in some circumstances.
  • Fixed a bug in Concardis when you use special characters in your data.
  • We fixed an issue where payment and shipping costs would not appear when you created an invoice via the backoffice when they are free.
  • We renamed the filenames for invoices and shipments to i_ and s_ respectively, to comply with the Italian law in some circumstances.
  • Fixed an issue where the delivery date would not appear correctly on the invoice if you added it via the backoffice.
  • We fixed the issue where the visitor statistics did not update anymore, because we hit the limit of maximum records in the database.
  • fixed an issue where the incorrect date would appear in the invoice export (date added instead of the date when the invoice was made)
  • The forgot password email function now supports ssl certificates
  • fixed an error where orders couldn't be deleted if they were paid with Billsafe.
  • fixed an issue where you could not filter on price in the popup that opened when you wanted to add products to a order in the backoffice..
  • We removed the admarkt & trustedshops settings page for merchants that don't have it active.
  • Every time a label is printed, a new shipment and barcode will be created at PostNL.
  • Fixed a bug when creating a "return" would incorrectly throw an error it already existed.
  • Fixed an issue where the creation of variants, with a sort order would be overwritten.
  • Increased the global limit for brands to 1000 for everyone.
  • Fixed an issue where getting invoiceitems for  payment or shippingcosts would throw an error.
  • Added order_product_id to the list of fields you get when getting an invoice item. This will make it possible to link productsVariants to invoices.
  • The data that was required for the cart in the sidepanel of the mobile shop, was not available on every page. We removed the panel and just link to the cart directly now.
  • We now translate the unit per price in all checkout pages
  • We now pass the e-mail in a new way when selecting Paypal with Buckaroo, so you don't have to enter your e-mailadress 3 times anymore to do an order.
  • We now support Finnish postal codes that start with leading 0's.
  • Fixed an issue where the shipping prices would not appear in the Google feeds with a shop which had multiple shipping methods with varying weight classes and prices.
  • Fixed an issue where the custom fields per product would not retain their sorting whenever you added a product to your cart, and followed the checkout procedure.
  • Fixed an issue where we incorrectly calculate the taxes for variants with the api for b2b shops.
  • Added error messages for Afterpay
  • We added a variable that can be used in the custom invoice template that contains the subtotal of the excluded prices for every tax percentage.
  • Added the option to move shops to the new backoffice.
  • We added functionality to insert the user id in every email template with [[userid]]. 
  • Fixed an issue where tax rates on products with additional costs would appear incorrect.
  • Fixed an issue where the url  in the theme preview was not working due to the parameters being prefixed with an ampersand instead of a question mark.
  • Fixed an issue with missing translations on the subscription page, and prevent an error showing up for the country name, if you have your language set to english.
  • Because the limit for suppliers (100) was never enforced in the backoffice like we do in the api, we increased the limit for everyone to 1000 suppliers.
  • Fixes the second line of the address when printing labels in the 3 x 11 A4 option.
  • We are now Hiding Kiyoh when it is not active.
  • We had an issue where the productupdate cronjob was running out of memory and time. So for 1 day the populair products were not functioning properly. We changed the limits of the script.
  • Adds variables to the email to be able to log in the new admin
  • Fixed an old bug where the default image wasn't set when importing demo products
  • Fixed an issue with the product selector in the category
  • Fixed an issue where the status of an order got messed up when put on hold and the shipment changed.
  • We fixed the second address line usage for postnl.
  • We fixed an issue in the template editor when editing css files with firefox.
  • New endpoints for the api. Shop users, user tokens, and tax overrides.
  • It is now possible to edit blog comments with the api.
  • This adds the functionality for users to alter the stock tracking via api calls made to the bulk edit endpoints.


  • Made it possible to restart a payment with Adyen after it failed once.
  • We now show custom field data in the review part in the one page checkout
  • Several fixes for Afterpay.
  • We fixed an issue with the discount on invoices that were paid with paypal express.
  • The checkout button is now properly disabled when paypal express is the only active psp.
  • Google feed shipping costs fixed.
  • Strip html tags from account information to prevent xss.
  • Removed the button to print your order when using the old checkout, as this was never created and resulted in a blank page.
  • Fixed the issue where the filter endpoint would throw an error when one of the languages had no title. 
  • Added endpoints for discount rules.
  • Added keys in emails like [[last name]], as an aliases for [[lastname]].
  • Afterpay logo was updated.
  • Redid the calculations for the turnover on the statistics page.
  • Fixed an issue where the product_id was wrong in the webhook when editing tags.
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