Configuring a payment method [NB]

Lightspeed eCom supports a variety of payment methods and payment service providers (PSPs). For a list of supported payment service providers (PSPs), see About payment service providers.

Before you can offer a payment method, contact the PSP you want to use and enter into an agreement with them. Make sure to inform the PSP that you have an online store with Lightspeed eCom.

To configure a payment method

  1. On the left menu of the Back Office click Settings and from Payment Settings choose Payment Providers.
  2. Click Add a payment provider and select a payment provider.
  3. Configure the settings for the payment provider. Depending on the provider, some options and fields can be different than what appears here. Stripe and, in particular, are quite different; refer to their respective help articles for more details.


PSPs use these settings to establish a connection with your online store. Depending on the provider, some fields may differ from what appears here. If the connection codes for a provider do not work, contact the PSPs help desk to check your codes.

This image is specific to Cayan; fields may differ depending on the PSP you use. 


Mode: If you are testing a payment method, switch to Test mode. Depending on the PSP you use, you may receive special test codes. When your store goes live and your customers can make purchases, switch to Live mode.



Choose the payment methods here that you have signed a contract with for the associated PSP.

Note: Make sure you choose only the payment methods you have a contract for, otherwise customer payments will not be processed.


The payment methods can differ depending on the PSP



  • Activate this payment provider - Activate the payment method by selecting it.
  • Visibility - Make the PSP available for only B2B or consumers. If the PSP is to be used by B2B and consumers, select Both.

  • Minimum amount - Enter the minimum amount that customers must spend to use the payment method.
  • Maximum amount - Enter the maximum amount that customers can spend using the payment method.
  • Extra costs (fixed) - Activate this if you want to charge extra costs for using the payment method and specify the amount to add to the total order.
  • Extra costs (percentage) - Activate this if you want to charge extra costs for using the payment method and specify the percentage to add to the total order.
  • Extra costs (taxes) - Activate this if you want to charge VAT for using the payment method and select the applicable rate. If you do not see rates listed or the desired rate is missing, create them from the left menu of Back Office under Settings > PAYMENT SETTINGS > Taxes.
  • No extra costs above - If you configure an extra cost you can set an amount above which customers are not charged extra costs.
  • Prices per method - You can configure the options per individual payment method. For example, you can configure an additional fee of $ 0.10 for using a credit card. If you want to give a discount for choosing a payment method, enter a minus sign (-) before the amount. For example, you can configure that your payment methods charge an additional fee of $ 0.10, but want to offer payment through Bank transfer for free, so you enter -0.10 in the iDeal option field.

Notification URLs for European PSPs 

Some PSPs require URLs, such as Success, Notify and Error to connect payment methods. To find these URLs on the left menu of the Back office go to Settings > Payment settings > Payment providers. The URLs are on the overview page of your payment methods.

NOT required for North American shops!

Example (Docdata):


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