Creating discount codes

Discount codes are a powerful way to attract new customers or to tempt existing customers to purchase from your online store again. This article explains how to create discount codes.

NOTE: Lightspeed eCom allows a maximum of one discount code to be added per order in checkout.


To create a discount code

  1. In the left menu of the Back Office, go to to Marketing > Discount Codes.
  2. Click Add Discount Code at the top of the screen. A settings page for the new discount code displays.

    NOTE: You can also add multiple discount codes simultaneously; click Add Multiple Codes. Once the codes are created, you can edit each code individually to change its settings, including its discount amount or percentage value, and its validity period, etc.


  3. Under DISCOUNT CODE, configure the following:
    • Enable discount code - Click the toggle to activate the code.
    • Discount code - Enter a name for the code that your customers will enter during checkout to apply the discount. The name may consist of alphabetic characters, digits and symbols.
    • Amount of discount - Set the discount (amount or percentage) to apply.
  4. Click Continue. More settings and options display.
  5. under DISCOUNT PERIOD, specify the time period (validity) during which the code can be used. The code will no longer work once the time period expires.


  6. Under TIMES USED, specify the total number of times the discount code can be applied, by entering a value in the Usage limit field. The Times Used counter keeps track of how often the code has been applied (to date). You can reset the counter by clicking Reset.


  7. Under SETTINGS, configure the following:


    • When this Discount is used, shipping will - Select the appropriate action from the drop-down: not be discounted, be included in the discount amount or be free.  If you select be included in the discount amount, Lightspeed eCom discounts the cost of shipping, as long as it does not exceed the discount amount or percentage you specified. 
    • To activate this Discount Code, shoppers must spend at least - Specify the minimum amount that customers have to order to be able to use the discount code. You can choose if the minimum order amount that Lightspeed eCom takes into consideration, is the amount before the discount is applied, or after. For example, you can offer customers a discount of 15$ when they spend 100$ or more, or you can offer 15$ off when customers spend at least 100$.
    • Apply discount to - Choose whether the discount code applies to all categories, specific categories or products, or specific categories AND products:
      • all products and categories - The discount code applies to all products.
      • Selected products - The discount code only applies to the products selected. You will need to specify the products in the next step. 
      • Selected categories - The discount code only applies to the categories selected. You will need to specify the categories in the next step. 
      • Selected products and categories - The discount code only applies to the products and categories selected. You will need to specify both the products and categories in the next step. 
    • Apply discount before tax (enabled by default) - This setting is only available for tax-exclusive stores—for example, merchants from the US and Canada or some business-to-business (B2B) merchants. It allows tax-exclusive merchants to specify whether or not to have the discount (amount or percentage) applied on the original purchase price of products (before taxes are added), or after all applicable taxes have been calculated. By default, this toggle is set to apply the discount before taxes.
  8. If you specified to apply the discount code to specific categories or products, or specific categories AND products, choose the categories and products in the CATEGORIES and PRODUCTS areas. 
  9. Click Save.

Bulk actions

You can activate, delete, disable, etc. multiple discount codes simultaneously by using the Bulk action menu at the top of the grid on the Discounts Codes page (Marketing > Discount Codes). Select the discount codes you want to activate by clicking the checkbox next to each discount code, and then click Bulk actions and select the appropriate action.


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