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Requesting payment for an unpaid order

Requesting payment for an unpaid order may be necessary if an order is not automatically paid. If an order has the awaiting payment status, is a duplicate order, or was created from a quote, it is possible to request that the customer pays for the order after its creation.

  1. In your eCom admin, go to Orders.
  2. Select the unpaid order number link to open its dashboard.
    Image: Selectable order number
  3. Send a request for the customer to pay for their order on your website.
    1. Either select the More button on the upper right of the dashboard, then select the Send Payment Reminder option to trigger a payment reminder email that includes payment instructions or a payment link.
      Image: Send payment reminder button menu option.png
    2. OR, select the Notify customer button below the billing address to send a custom message. Note: This option does not include instructions on how to pay for the order, you will need to write this yourself.
      Image: Notify customer button on order dashboard.png
  4. The order will be marked as paid automatically when the customer completes payment.

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