Shipping with Paazl

Paazl is a company that specializes in shipping solutions. With the Paazl tool you can offer additional shipping options to your customers, such as the possibility to select a pickup location in the checkout area of your online store.

Through Custom contract you can connect your chosen courier service to Paazl. This way, you can manage everything using your SEOshop back office.

Paazl configuration

You can configure Paazl through GENERAL > Settings >Country settings > Paazl. You will be taken to a page where you can configure the following options:

  1. Status - Activate Paazl by ticking the check box.
  2. Mode - Set this option to Test when you want to connect your online store to a Paazl test account (staging). Switch the mode to Live when you want to connect your online store to a Paazl live account (host).
  3. Webshop ID - This is the unique number associated with your account. It will be provided by Paazl and can also be retrieved through your Paazl account, through Settings > Account > My Details.
  4. Password - The unique password associated with your account. It will be provided by Paazl and can also be retrieved through your Paazl account, through Settings > Account > My Details.
  5. Taxes - Enter the VAT rate charged on shipping costs here.
  6. Use Collo - Select No if you wish to print several labels as '1 of 1'. Select Yes if they should be printed as '1 of n'.
  7. Maximum labels - Paazl will count the number of products in your shopping carts and print the equal amount of label. Here you can set the maximum number of labels (regardless of the number of products). Most users select a value of 1.
  8. Insured amount - You can assign the amount here up to which shipments with extra insurance/increased liability should be insured.
  9. Translations - Modify the names assigned to your shipping options here. The internal names can be retrieved in Paazl account, through Settings > Account > Shipping options. You may modify names by including them in this input field, add a space at the end and then add the desired name. Name modifications have to be en entered per individual line, separated by pressing the Enter key.
  10. Description - This field is required when you want to use the UPS parcel service. Enter the type of product you sell here (for example medication, furniture etc.).
  11. Country - This option is only required when shipping through FedEx. FedEx requires entering the country of origin.

Delivery matrix settings

In your Paazl account you can activate shipping options, enter rates and configure the Paazl Matrices. This is done by navigating to Settings > Delivery matrix. With the Paazl Matrices option you can decide when and which shipping options and rates are displayed. Go to HELP in your Paazl account to view the manual. The Paazl Matrices manual can be found in the Downloads section.

Matrix configuration in SEOshop

Based on price, amount or weight you can decide which set of shipping options and rates (a matrix in Paazl terminology, see the Paazl Matrixes manual) to show to your customers. You may also assign a specific Paazl matrix to a given product. To do so, navigate to SALES > Products in the left menu of the back office and select the desired product. Subsequently click the Price & stock tab at the right at the top of the screen. Through the Matrix drop-down menu you can now select a matrix that directly corresponds with the matrix in question in your Paazl account.

Printing shipping labels in bulk

Through SALES > Shipments in the left menu of the back office you can print several shipping and return labels simultaneously. You can do this by ticking the checkbox to the left of the shipment field, or clicking the flag icon at the left at the top to select all shipments. Now click With selected in the drop-down menu at the left at the bottom and subsequently click Print Paazl labels of Print Paazl return labels.

Paazl One-click shipping

The default barcode value on a packing note is the shipment number (SHIP00001). If you use Paazl One-click-shipping(Dutch), you should use the order number (ORD00001) instead.

  1. Navigate to GENERAL > Settings > Workflow in the left menu.
  2. Tick the option Use the order number as barcode below Extra options int the Packing notes area.
  3. Click Save.
Note: After activating this option, all packing notes will henceforth contain the order number instead of the shipment number. There will be no check whether you have / have not opted for shipment through Paazl.
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