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Common theme settings

You can adjust your theme settings in the left menu of your eCom store, by clicking Design > Theme settings. This article summarizes the settings you can find in most themes. However, many themes will have unique settings. Locate your theme manual for more information.

You can also modify your eCom store installing a new theme, using custom CSS or editing the theme's code. For more information about the ways to edit the design of your eCom store, click here.

Option Explanation
Preset Here you can choose your pre-programmed color settings.
Color Here you can set the background color
Image You can upload your background image. For more information about image limits, click here.
Position Here you can set the position of the image on the page.
Repeat With this setting, you control how the background image appears:
  Repeat - The image is repeated both horizontally and vertically
  Horizontal - The image is repeated from left to right.
  Vertical - The image is repeated from top to bottom.
Background color Some themes use blocks to display your products on a page. Here you can choose the background color of such a block.
Add to cart Here the color of the order button can be edited. This button appears on the product pages.
Info The color of buttons such as Log in, Subscribe, View can be adjusted.
Default The color of all other buttons is adjusted here.
Hide brands Use this setting to hide the brands link from your header.
Hide RSS feeds RSS feeds are a simplified representation of content on your eCom store. For example, when you add a product, the RSS feed automatically updates. Customers using your feed through RSS feed readers will see this change. Enable this option to hide the RSS feed from customers.
Hide tags By default, tags display at the bottom of each page. Enabling this option hides these tags. The tags on product pages are unaffected.

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