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Adding homepage text and images

Shows a diagram of the homepage. Four numbers point to four elements: From top to bottom, Headlines, Text and image content, Featured categories/products and brand images.

Most themes contain these elements: 

  1. A big central image or headline - See Adding headlines for more information.
  2. Text and and image content - You can add text, images and videos using a text editor by modifying the Home page text page in Content > Homepage. Read Modifying text pages for more information. 
  3. Featured products and categories - See Adding featured products to your online store's homepage for more information.
  4. Brand images - See Adding brands for more information.

Smaller banner images - Banners can also be added through your theme, to find out how to add them, locate the theme manual.


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Learn how to add text and image content to your eCom store using the text editor in Content > Homepage


Learn how to add images to your eCom store.


  • Headlines
  • Banners
  • Featured categories and brands

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