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Brand column titles

This table lists all the brand information you can export. This is useful when creating your worksheet for Importing brands.

Group Column
Suggested column mapping when importing 
01 Uneditable Brand Internal ID  
02 New brand detail Brand name Brand - Title
03 New brand detail Description Brand - Description - X language
04 Uneditable Slug  
05 Uneditable Brand image  

Column title descriptions

The column title descriptions have been grouped by similarity for ease of understanding. Optionally, if you intend on importing one of the column titles in a group, consider importing the rest of the group as well, as the information is related.

New brand detail

  • Brand name - The name of the brand that will be visible to customers.
    • The web address of the brand (URL slug) is defined by the brand name.
  • Description - Where you can describe the brand to your customer.
    • HTML content is supported for additional formatting.
    • You can import different languages by selecting the correct language placeholder. See the language table for more information.


  • Brand Internal ID - The Internal ID of any a brand.
    • Internal IDs are 7 digit numbers found in the web address bar after your-domain/admin/brands/
  • Slug - The web address of a specific brand.
    • Once created, the URL slug cannot be edited. To change the URL, create or import a new brand.
  • Brand image - The image of the brand.
    • Cannot be edited using the import tool and must be edited manually. 

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