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Adding a payment method

When you are setting up an online store, you need to offer your customers a method to pay for their orders. The steps involve signing up to a payment provider, connecting the payment provider to eCom and then setting up addition settings. This article contains the general steps to follow. For more specific details, locate instructions for your specific payment provider, if available.

See a video referring to the basics about adding payment providers below.

  1. Sign up to a payment provider for your region.
  2. The payment provider will provide you with the required logins, keys, etc. to connect. When you receive them, in your eCom admin, select Settings.
  3. Under Payment Settings, select Payment Providers.
  4. Select Add a payment provider.
  5. Select the tile of the payment provider for which you're a member.
  6. Keep the switch to activate this payment provider off, until you're ready to display it to your customers.
  7. Keep the Visibility set as Consumers & B2B.
  8. In the section PROVIDER SETTINGS section, add the connection details provided by the payment provider.
  9. Activate the payment methods that match your payment provider's account. Read more about Managing payment methods.
  10. Optionally, configure any additional payment settings as you require.
  11. When you're ready to make the payment methods visible in checkout, enable the payment provider at the top of the page.
  12. Select Save.

Next Steps

It's recommended that you verify your changes were successful by testing your checkout.

Connection details

The second section for all payment providers is PROVIDER SETTINGS. The required settings differ depending on the payment provider. If the connection codes for a provider do not work, contact the payment provider to check this information. Review the help documentation of your payment provider for specific details. Some examples include:

    • Mode: If you are testing a payment method, switch to Test mode. Depending on the payment provider you use, you may receive special test codes. When your store goes live and your customers can make purchases, switch to Live mode.
    • Account ,API, key: Some payment providers connect through you by certain keys. You need to add this key here to connect.
    • Notification URLs: Notification URLs for European payment providers 

Notification URLs for European payment providers 

Some payment providers require URLs, such as Success, Notify and Error to connect payment methods. To find these URLs on the left menu of the Back office go to Settings > Payment settings > Payment providers. The URLs are on the overview page of your payment methods.

Example (Docdata):

Succes: http://domeinaam.webshopapp.com/payment/docdata/notify/
Cancel: http://domeinaam.webshopapp.com/payment/docdata/cancel/
Error: http://domeinnaam.webshopapp.com/payment/docdata/error/

NOT required for North American shops!


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Learn the basics about adding Authorize.net, PayPal and Pay at pickup.


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