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Changing the number of products per page

The number of products per page can be changed from 1 to a maximum of 24. The default is 12 products per page. You can increase or decrease this number depending on your customers and how your products are displayed.

  1. Login to your eCom Back Office and click Settings.
  2. Click Advanced located at the bottom of the General Settings column.
  3. Type a number from 1 to 24 in the field labeled Products per page located at the bottom of the page in the CATEGORIES section.
    Shows an arrow pointing to the Products per page field.
  4. Click Save.

Increase the number of products per page to:

  • Make it easier for your customer to see all your products on one page. This may decrease the number of clicks required for a customer to find the product they need which can increase conversion.

Decrease the number of products per page to:

  • Decrease the chances the page is overwhelming to your customers.
  • Improve performance. For example, page load time can be increased when displaying many products, especially if they all have high quality images.

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