Configuring Stripe

Only available in North America, United Kingdom and Australia.

To configure Stripe as a payment provider

  1. Register for a Stripe account on the Stripe website.
  2. Once your account is set up, click API Keys.


  3. Copy the Secret Key and Publishable Key from your Stripe account.
  4. Log on to the eCom Back Office, and on the left menu go to Settings > PAYMENT SETTINGS > Payment Providers.
  5. At the top of the screen click Add Payment Provider and Add Stripe. Or, click the Stripe icon if it appears on the Payment Providers screen. On the next page, you're prompted to set or edit the options for the payment provider.
  6. Set Activate this payment provider to on.
  7. Set the Visibility of the payment provider by selecting the relevant option from the drop-down: Consumers, B2B or Consumers & B2B.


  8. Paste the Secret Key and Publishable Key that you copied from your Stripe account in the appropriate fields under PROVIDER SETTINGS.


  9. Under PAYMENT METHODS, select the payment methods for which you have a contract with Stripe.

    IMPORTANT: For credit card payments, make sure to select the Credit Card option, in addition to the credit card type(s) you support; if you do not, credit card payments will not be processed.


  10. Under ADDITIONAL SETTINGS, specify your pricing strategy. You can specify a global pricing schema for all payment types, or configure individual prices for each payment method by clicking the Prices per method button.


    NOTE: For Prices per method to be available, you need to first save your changes by clicking the Save button (at the top or bottom of the screen).

  11. Save your changes.
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