Modify categories


This field is the same field as Put in category when creating a product. Leave this field blank if the category is a main category. If it is a sub-category, click Select a category to select a parent category. This can be done by clicking Choose next to the category. This will be the category class the category belongs to. Note: You can't place an overview page under a product or text page.


Click Detach parent category to change a category to a main category. If you want to move it, click Select a category to switch to another parent category. 



The basic category information.


  • Title– category’s title that will be displayed in the menu.
  • Full title– long title that will be listed on the category page.
  • Description– same as the meta description and can be left blank.
  • Content – enter text to tell customers more about the category. This information will be visible in the online store. Unique content is important, as it increases the findability of products and your online store. 
  • Featured image – click Edit to add an image to a category.


Enter the meta tags of the category.

  • Do not index - if you do not want the category to be indexed by Google, select the checkbox and save the page. This feature is useful when your online store is under construction, or if you have several pages with almost identical content and want to prevent search engines from assuming that you have duplicate content.
  • Page title - page name and meta title, which is the name of the category.
  • Meta description - enter a short category description, max. 156 characters, which will be displayed as a page description. Write a compelling description and use keywords. 
  • Meta keywords - keywords are core words that describe your category. Keywords are not used in Google.
  • Visibility – select the Include in catalog checkbox if you want to make the category visible in your online store.
  • Type - enter the category type: product, overview or text page. 


Select the Include in catalog checkbox if you want to make the category visible in your online store.


Select the category type: product, overview or text page. 

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